Haas familyMy daughter Anabel was diagnosed with PKD around 20 weeks gestation. We were taken aback regarding the possibility of a serious, life-altering condition. Many emotions went through our minds and affected my entire family emotionally and physically.

Anabel is now one year old and thriving.

For her first birthday, we invited 50 friends and family members to celebrate with us. Instead of bringing gifts, we asked our guests for donations to the PKD Foundation. We wanted to encourage a gift that could change the lives of many people forever instead of opening gifts that would only last a short period. Anabel already has an abundance of toys and clothes from her older sister and grandparents who spoil her!

We raised nearly $2,000 for the PKD Foundation. We are fortunate to be able to have the best case scenario with one normal kidney and one affected by PKD. It is important to us to raise money for those not dealing with the best case scenario and raise funds for the PKD Foundation to find treatments and a cure.