Dustin Williams and Bailey JacksonDustin Williams and Bailey Jackson have been married for two and a half years. Both are getting ready to turn 25, and they have already become members of the PKD Foundation’s Founders’ Annual Giving Society.

In 2014, they became Foundation Partners after attending the PKD National Convention in June 2014. “I was blown away after interacting with the researchers being funded by the PKD Foundation through the Research Grants Program,” Dustin said. “I really enjoyed learning more about what they do and seeing their passion. That inspired us to give and become Foundation Partners. Being a part of a giving society is what moves the needle. Also, we set it up as a recurring gift, so payments are spread out over a year.”

Bailey knew in high school her mom was sick and had PKD, but in 2010 when she went on the transplant list, she realized how serious PKD could be. Finding out several years later she also had PKD was hard for her and Dustin.

“My brother and I decided to get tested in 2014,” Bailey said. “We found out we both have PKD. My brother found out first, and as the older sister, it was really emotional for me. But, I am grateful we have been able to go through it together.”

“For us, even though we knew it was a possibility, it was harder to find out Bailey had PKD than we had anticipated,” Dustin said. “Before her diagnosis, we thought we were mentally prepared, but it was more emotional than we expected. We are still processing the impact of her PKD diagnosis.”

Dustin Williams and Bailey JacksonDustin and Bailey are the Walk Coordinators for the Nashville Walk for PKD for the second year in a row. As Walk Coordinators in 2014, it was their first time to make a significant donation to the PKD Foundation. “We wanted to demonstrate how invested we are in what the PKD Foundation is doing and have our gift make a difference,” Dustin said.

“It is important to us to have a sustaining commitment to an organization we believe in,” Bailey said. “It is easy to say I donate to this organization, but having a commitment is another level. I have aunts, cousins and now children of cousins who PKD will impact. It is such a familial disease for me. I look at this as an investment in the future of my family. If there aren’t treatments or a cure for us, then I want them for our next generations and years to come. Giving to the PKD Foundation and being a Foundation Partner makes me feel like I am doing something for those I love and care about.”

“We may not be able to give as much as some donors, but we can be involved and show our commitment at our level,” Dustin said.

“We really believe in the PKD Foundation and love having the chance to be a part of it,” Bailey said.

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