My name is Tilia, and I have Stage 5 PKD. I was diagnosed when I was about 13 years old and did not know I would be at this stage of my disease at this age. My life consists of many, many doctor visits, unexpected hospitalizations. I’ve had many blood transfusions and lost days with my family. My grandmother had the disease and passed away, and my mother passed away from this disease six years after a successful transplant. Seeing and living with someone go through dialysis, for many many years was overwhelming and sad. Now I am waiting for a transplant surgery date, as I have a living donor. I have three beautiful daughters who also have this disease, unfortunately. I have had good days and bad days, but I try to make the best of them all, though it can be hard. I know that my lifestyle will be better after transplantation, but I am hopeful that one day there can be a cure for this terrible disease.