My earliest memory of my mom suffering the effects of PKD was of her laying on our couch crying in pain as another cyst had burst. My mom is not a crier. I never got to meet my maternal grandmother and I have lost several aunts and uncles to this disease. My mom was on dialysis for many years before she got her second chance at life, I am forever grateful to the man who believed in donating his organs. My mom got to see me graduate college, be there on my wedding day, and is now a wonderful Nana to my 2-year-old son. In 2006 I was diagnosed with PKD and this year have experienced my own hemorrhagic and infected cysts. I pray my son does not have PKD! My sister was diagnosed a few years ago, too, and I was really hoping she would not have it, but we will battle this disease together and fight for a better life for future generations.