Dana Aber performs at Broadway Sings for PKD.

My father has PKD, and in the summer of 2012, he was dying from complications of PKD. My dad had been on dialysis since 1999 and it took a toll on his heart. He was waiting for a transplant but things looked bleak. He was in and out of the hospital and it was a hard time for me and my family.

In an effort to cope with the reality of losing my dad and to do something positive, I decided to use my profession as a musical theatre writer and producer to spread awareness and raise money for the PKD Foundation. I organized the first Broadway Sings for PKD in 2012, and eight days before the concert, we got the call about my dad’s new heart! After heart and kidney transplants, he is much better health.

Broadway Sings for PKD is a concert that features Broadway performers singing new musical theatre songs by emerging musical theatre writers. With three total concerts so far, we have raised close to $5,000 to raise funds for the PKD Foundation. It means a lot to me to raise money for PKD. The PKD Foundation has been a support system for me and my family, especially during my father’s transplants and his recovery. PKD is a disease that affects so many people, but so few know about it. Raising money for the PKD Foundation means that I’m doing my part to help end this terrible disease and educate others about it.