My name is Maggie Sessler and my husband, Mike, and I have been together for 21 years. Mike was diagnosed with PKD at the age of 25. His dad, Keith, passed away in 2007 from a stroke awaiting his second kidney transplant. I donated my love a kidney 11 years ago. The doctors were amazed at how perfect of a match we were. We’ve been through a lot: donating my husband a kidney (and all the testing I went through to give him the gift of life), my husband‘s TESE surgery, going through three and a half rounds of IVF (giving myself about 1,500 shots. The end result was a miscarriage.)

Through the pain and heartache, my rainbow baby girl was born. I’ve been told by many that our life story should be a Hallmark movie. God had answered and healed many years of pain and prayers! My daughter, Vivianne Rose, was born with PKD. She’s a beautiful healthy six-year-old. I recently wrote a book based on my daughter called, Rose and Her Special Kidneys. We hope sharing our story helps others in similar situations.