Bev BensonEight years ago, Bev Benson donated one of her kidneys to her mother who has PKD. Now, she’s made another huge donation, this time to the PKD Foundation, to help others suffering from the disease.

“Having two vehicles was more of a hassle for us than anything,” Bev recalls. Rather than trying to sell her 2007 Toyota Prius, she decided to donate it to the PKD Foundation.

In addition to her mother, Bev’s brother and sister also have PKD. Bev’s connection to the disease has brought her to appreciate the PKD Foundation and the advocacy it does to secure research.

“I’ve just been impressed with the PKD Foundation – it not only does the diligent work by raising awareness in Washington D.C. and getting more money, it is also great at putting money where its mouth is, which is used toward research and raising awareness of this disease…I think there are very few patient advocacy organizations who do all of that,” Bev says.

“I’m proud to know my donation is providing support to an organization that really does a lot for the patient population, like my family.”

Another bonus for Bev? The process to donate her vehicle was simple.

“It was very easy. Once I knew who to contact, I got in touch with that company and set up a date for them to come get the car. They coordinated everything. They gave me a receipt and once the car sells, they will give me all the info I need for a tax write off,” Bev explained.

To others considering vehicle donation, Bev wants to say: “If you’re thinking of donating to a charity that you care about and is going to get the most amount of money from the vehicle donation, PKD Foundation is one of the top. I looked at a couple other organizations and by far, the percentage of the money that goes to the charity was more for PKD Foundation. A lot of places get 60 to 75 percent, but it was 80 percent for PKD Foundation, and it was important to us that the charity got the greatest amount of proceeds from the sale.”

“I like supporting an organization that takes your concerns to heart and uses money in the best way possible – to make the world a better place for patients with PKD.”

Like Bev, you can also donate your vehicle, designate funds to the PKD Foundation and help make a difference in the lives of millions affected by polycystic kidney disease. Learn more about the program by calling CARS at 855.9PKD.CAR (855.975.3227). They will accept any type of vehicle including cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and more, anywhere in the U.S.

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