I am 38 years old and in stage 3 ADPKD. Three previous generations of my family also struggled with PKD (Papa Shorty, Nana, and my mom). None of them are with us anymore, but they taught me so much about how I will battle this disease and how to be an example to my twin boys. One of my brothers also has the disease and together we’ll have each other to lean on when times get tough.

I’m well researched and proud to advocate for myself and others. I take tolvaptan, exercise, eat healthily, etc.

With the things I can do to slow progression, I don’t hesitate to do them.

Of the list of things we want to give our children, PKD is not one of them, but if that day comes, I want them to have me as an example of how to educate, advocate, and fight this disease until we have a cure.