I am Jeannie Brown and I was diagnosed at 21 with PKD. There are six generations on my maternal side who’ve had or currently have this disease. I grew up educated in what PKD was and what the future may hold for me. I always felt lucky that I knew so much and at the time, the unknowns were few.

Suddenly, at 48, I was on emergency dialysis. Fast forward to now, I’m 55. I still feel blessed that I knew what PKD was, but now, the unknowns are many. I’ve had four brain aneurysms, years of dialysis, spleen and liver surgeries, a kidney transplant, and a double nephrectomy. My native kidneys weighed approximately 21 pounds when they were removed.
I’ve learned that life is a journey and adventure. Some days aren’t as good as others but I choose to keep believing I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a daughter and a 6-year-old granddaughter who have PKD. I want to be a light for them and advocate for those who go through their own unknowns.

The Foundation has been a guide through my story since 2001. They’ve supported me, educated me, answered question after question, gave me advice, and friendship. I’ll always be grateful!