My name is Jane. My father, whose PKD was a “mutation,” died at the age of 35, before either dialysis or transplants were developed. I was diagnosed with PKD at the age of 22.

I closely watched my diet and blood pressure until the age of 52 when one of my unaffected sisters donated a kidney to me. (Another of my sisters had a kidney donated to her by a first cousin.) Unfortunately, PKD moved into my liver. After two years on the waiting list, I was fortunate enough to receive a liver, donated by an unknown family. I just celebrated my 14-year kidney anniversary and eight-year liver anniversary.

I’m blessed and grateful for the research, organ donors, and surgeons who’ve given me the chance to witness my children get married and start their own families. I hope that there will be a cure for PKD and that others will consider donating the gift of life.