Jeff Lorber

Grammy nominated artist Jeff Lorber knows all to well the impact PKD has on families.

Grammy nominated keyboardist/composer/producer, Jeff Lorber, and guitarist, Chuck Loeb team up to co-produce BOP, a one-of-a-kind traditional bebop album that brings together world-class musicians.

Jeff Lorber is a kidney transplant recipient who knows all too well the impact PKD can have on a family.

“I have seen firsthand the toll PKD can take on families. While parents have a 50 percent chance of passing the disease to each of their children, in my family the transmission rate has been pretty much 100 percent. My mother had PKD, I have it, my two sisters, two daughters, three nieces and nephews all have PKD,” said Jeff.

“I am fortunate that my wife, Mink, gave me her kidney. This November (2014) will be the tenth anniversary of my transplant and I have been very lucky. I am grateful every day for that. My sister Betty was able to get a transplant also. But, my mom died relatively young and my sister, Susan, died of a brain aneurysm, a PKD-related event, at age 46.”

Education and support from the PKD community helped Jeff manage the balance between his disease and living the life of an musician.

“There is a learning curve to finding out about the disease, but the PKD Foundation was an excellent source of information. Before my transplant I suffered from anemia, which leaves you in a state of low energy which doesn’t work well for someone in my profession (touring recording artist and producer). I met a few people through the organization that helped me get more of a “real life” understanding of the disease and what to expect. One of them became a very close friend, unfortunately he died a few years ago from PKD,” he said.

BOP album

Proceeds from BOP will benefit the PKD Foundation.

“My hope is for treatments to be available for the younger members of my family with PKD. I am committed to the fight to end PKD and this is why I support the PKD Foundation. I truly appreciate what the PKD Foundation is doing to fund research to find treatments and a cure and raise awareness.”

Purchase your copy of BOP on iTunes. Proceeds from the album benefit the PKD Foundation and its mission to find treatments and a cure for PKD.

Jeff Lorber is famous for launching the career of Kenny G and his productions and collaborations with such greats as Dave Koz, Janet Jackson, Lalah Hathaway and Miles Davis. He is one of the most sought after producers and performers in Jazz!