Chris’s scars from getting cysts drained.

I found out last year by accident. I had an arthrogram done for a torn hip labrum. Two days later the orthopedic surgeon called and let me know that I had an extensive tear of the labrum and that they had also found a large mass in my abdomen. I was ordered to get a CT scan the next day as they thought I had cancer. It ends up that I have PKD, which I had never heard of. Looking back, I’d had symptoms for some time – lots of back pain that I thought was muscular. It ends up that I had multiple cysts on both of my kidneys. I had surgery this July to have cysts removed from my left kidney, the largest one of which they drained 3 liters from before removing it. It had actually pushed many of my organs out of place and caused a good deal of discomfort. The back pain is now gone in my left side, but my right side still bothers me.